Spectators scream in terror as Army paratrooper’s chute fails to open on his first jump

A line from an Army cadence that every airborne soldier learns came true for a soldier who had yet to even earn his airborne wings.

“And if that chute don’t open wide, I have another by my side”

Over this past summer, a soldier who was conducting his very first static line jump encountered one of the scariest situations -one that some soldiers go their whole career without encountering.

His parachute failed to fully inflate, which sent him spirally to the ground and could have easily caused his death.

“Oh my God,” multiple spectators screamed as they watched him inching closer to the ground.

As he approached the point of no return, the soldier pulled his reserve chute and it fully inflated seconds before he made impact with the ground.

Astonishingly, he reportedly “walked away without injury to continue his Airborne mission.”

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