Spec. Ops Soldier beat wife, had affair with unit’s meth-using civilian who was known for sleeping around the unit

A former US Army Special Forces officer on trial for beating his wife and endangering children is reportedly not going to face the music for allegations put forth by women claiming to be victims of his brutish behavior.

37-year-old Major Jason Sartori currently faces six counts of assault and two counts of child endangerment from his time in the 7th Special Forces Group, which ran the time span between October 2015 and April 2016. He was sent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to face trial.

A warrant was issued for Satori’s arrest in May 2016, and he sat in a Florida jail for around two weeks. He was arrested on charges of battery, strangulation, kidnapping and harassing a witness.

Sartori is reported to have had extramarital relationships with at least ten women, and two have claimed that he sexually and physically assaulted them. In all, the included four civilians, a National Guard noncommissioned officer, one Army civilian, two Army reservists, an NCO with 7th Group’s support battalion and two contractors.

One woman, identified as Jennifer O’Brien, told the Army Times that the 7th Special Forces Group declined to pursue the rape and assault allegations, which were brought up in late 2017.

“They’re going with a court-martial- just nothing pertaining to me,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien, a civilian who allegedly holds a security clearance, had her allegations presented at an Article 32 hearing, though she claims some “credibility issues” led to the allegations being held back, particularly over the possible revocation of her clearance.

The 7th Special Forces Group, based at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, has become somewhat of an infamous household name in recent memory, with scandals and misconduct allegations frequently making headlines.

In the case of Sartori and O’Brien, the extramarital affair was brought to light, resulting in O’Brien being put on unpaid administrative leave and a review of her clearance. If revoked, she may permanently lose her job as an Army civilian.

According to NEWSREP, O’Brien was a meth user, slept with multiple NCOs and officers within the unit and even bragged about her exploits to soldiers at work.

When Sartori’s wife found electronic messages between him and O’Brien, a confrontation began. At that point, Sartori allegedly tried to strangle his wife. Several sources went on to allege that Sartori was also physically abusive with O’Brien, who eventually broke things off with Sartori.

Sartori was known for carrying on multiple affairs at the same time, and one female officer recounted that he was sexually violent and forceful, often strangling her during sex against her will.

Following her involvement in the investigation, she was given the option to resign or make a case for staying in the Army. After two years and enlisting the help of a civilian lawyer, she finally got the separation flag lifted.

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