Spec Ops and SAS forming hunter/killer unit to “smash Islamic State”

The British Special Air Services (SAS) and the U.S. Special Forces troops have come together to form a hunter killer unit named the Task Force Black.  Its main objective is to “smash the Islamic State” and “cut the head off the snake” by demolishing command leaders of Islamist terrorists groups.

The Mirror reported that Prime Minister David Cameron has instructed SAS and UK spy agencies to direct all their ­resources at defeating IS after the release of the video of U.S. journalist James Foley being beheaded shocked the world.

According to Fox News, SAS will work with U.S. Delta Force and Seal Team 6.  The combination of efforts brings back the Task Force Black that was instrumental in overthrowing al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.  The only difference this time is the group will be directing their efforts towards defeating Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, currently the world’s most wanted terrorist and head of the IS.

A source has been reported as saying, “We need to go into Syria and Iraq and kill as many IS members as we can. You can’t ­negotiate with these people.  This is not a war of choice. They are cash rich and have a plentiful ­supply of arms. If we don’t go after them, they will soon come after us.”

Top on the team’s list is to locate and confirm the identity of the British Muslim who was shown on an IS video decapitating journalist Foley’s with a knife.  According to the Mirror, UK Intelligence sources believe the man to be a British-born Pakistani from London.  He is already on the CIA’s famed “kill list.”

Former IS captives have told authorities that approximately 20 captives are being held by the group.  This man is believed to be their “jailer”.

Fox News has reported that Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama are standing firm on their decision to not send massive ground troops.  Small teams of Special Forces working with local militias is currently the best way to meet their objective.

According to the Mirror, the Task Force Black will be made up of a squadron of the SAS, Special Forces aircrews from the RAF and agents from MI5 and MI6.  The operation will be led by the U.S. CIA.  The joint U.S. and British unit will ­conduct strike operations against IS in both Syria and Iraq.  Troops will also train Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

Another source stated, “Intelligence will be key to our operations. We have to build a network to defeat a network. The brutal tactics of IS means a lot of people want to see them gone.”

The SAS, Seals and Delta Force have teamed up together on many operations in Afghanistan and have shared military intelligence.  The Mirror reported that there has also been discussion about reviving a defunct Iraqi special forces unit called the Apostles, ­created by the first Task Force Black a­fter the Iraq War.


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