Spec. operators may have a new gun-toting, drone-launching “Batmobile”

The US Military needs a light attack vehicle for its operators- and this gun-toting, drone-launching “golf cart” might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Yagu (Hebrew shorthand for “Jaguar”, or so we’re told) is the brainchild product of Israeli defense firm Plasan, and is designed to fill in the gap between 4×4 utility vehicle and traditional trucks in use by military forces around the world.

Designed with border security and anti-trafficking in mind, the Yagu is also a robust and fast 4×4 system that can brush off small arms fire as it transports warfighters over vast and unforgiving terrain.

“Nothing this light and agile ever offered so much protection for a 3-man crew,” the company posted on Twitter. “Lay chase, maintain the element of surprise. Yagu is your new weapon against trafficking. Your borders will never have been so secure.”

With 95 horses under the hood, the Yazu is no slouch for what it is- an armored Arctic Cat Utility Vehicle (UTV) with a lot of extras. To give you some perspective, an unarmored and stock Arctic Cat UTV produces around 90HP, all without protecting you from small arms. With a B6+ European Armor Rating, the Yazu is more or less a SAPI plate on wheels.

In addition to hauling men, the Yazu also has air conditioning, auxiliary power, the ability to mount a light machine gun on top and -saving the best for last- the capability to launch/charge/operate its own recon quad-copter, with about a half-hour of flight time.

At 3,300 pounds, the Yazu weighs twice as much as the stock Wildcat but can do quite a bit more.

According to The Drive author Tyler Rogoway, “it looks like the ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile from the Dark Knight movie series did it with a golf cart and this popped out nine months later.”

The Yazus could potentially replace the Polaris MRZRs, which are in use by -and have reportedly fallen out of favor with- many US Special Operations forces.

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