“Speak english motherf-er,” soldier tells Nigerian-born US soldier with terrible english

Two US Army soldiers are speaking to each other- but only one can understand the other.

A Soldier who came to the US Army from Africa learned that speaking Pidgin English -a mixture of local dialect and broken English- is nearly indecipherable to many an American ear, and decided to use her linguistic specialty to frustrate her friend.

Despite attempting to explain herself multiple times, the Soldier could not get through to her comrade, who eventually became frustrated and told her off.

“Talk f***ing English,” the PFC demanded of the Pidgin-speaker, not quite having a handle on the language herself. “What the f*** is you saying?”

In the end, the entire conversation had to do with hygiene and sleep, but it just ended in frustration and hurt feelings.

The video was posted to Twitter by a Nigerian posting under the handle @_iBarelyTweet.

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