Spain’s Secretary of State, warns of possible Ebola Attack from ISIS

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A Spanish Secretary of State warned that ISIS members are urging supporters in the West to use all means of killing civilians, and that this now includes the use of Ebola. Martinez cites Internet chat rooms as a source of learning about ISIS members and their intent to utilize Ebola as a weapon.  Islamic State militants view the Internet as “an extension of the battlefield”, said Mr. Martinez.

According to this article, Martinez went on to explain how ISIS was seen in mid-September communicating the possibility of “the use of Ebola as a poisonous weapon against the United States”, he claimed. Some of the details go on to explain that ISIS terrorists would infect themselves with the Ebola virus, attach bombing devices to their bodies, and plan a synchronized attack that would spread their bodily fluids to a mass amount of innocent people upon detonation.

Islamic State militants view the Internet as “an extension of the battlefield.”

Earlier last month, Jeh Johnson – US Homeland Security Secretary- dismissed the idea of Ebola being used by ISIS as a weaponized virus in the US.  “We’ve seen no specific credible intelligence that [ISIS] is attempting to use any sort of disease or virus to attack our homeland”.

After hearing about the news, DHC Representative Franklin Doucette said, “We are not looking to alarm the public, nor will we get into the specifics of the plots we’ve uncovered.” Several of the largest and most populous states in the US are currently taking all measures necessary to protect against these types of attacks, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.



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