Space Force general trolls Iran, says their spy satellite is a “tumbling webcam”

The US Space Force is trolling Iran, referring to the Persian nation’s newest “military satellite” as little more than a “tumbling webcam in space.”

Getting savage on Twitter, Space Force Chief of Space Operations General Jay Raymond noted that America is tracking the “Noor-1” satellite, but is largely unimpressed with it.

“Iran states it has imaging capabilities,” he noted. “Actually, it’s a tumbling webcam in space; unlikely providing intel.”

He then followed up with a “ #spaceishard” tag.

Needless to say, the internet was grateful for the shade thrown by the general.

“I think I heard it making that 90s AOL modem handshake noise,” one user responded.

“Sierra Hotel, Sir,” another user wrote, using phonetics for “Sh*t-Hot,” a fighter pilot term meaning “wonderful.”

Iran supporters were less amused, however, and attempted to defend the satellite.

“I love the roads of St. Louis,” one Iranian user wrote, showing the satellite’s tracking line crossing over the Missouri city.”

“Take it easy, Joe Exotic,” wrote another, apparently confusing all Americans for the main protagonist of “Tiger King.”

However, some amateur satellite enthusiasts claim that the US isn’t far off in their assessment.

“Amateur observations of the signal and decoded telemetry frames thus far support that it is a very basic cubesat with off the shelf tech in it,” wrote Scott Tilley.

“Some say it is an earth observation sat, it takes much wider bandwidth to render pictures,” replied Jean-Luc Milette.  “Bizarre.”

If the satellite is anything like Iran’s coronavirus detection devices or “new” fighter jets (which is built off of an ancient Northrop F-5), the general is probably on the money.


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