Space Force general says LGBTQ+ laws have forced her to hire less qualified people during Pride speech

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A female general with the US Space Force gave a scathing speech during a pride event, claiming state legislation across the country is impacting her ability to hire the right people.

Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt denounced certain states at the 12th Annual DoD LGBTQ+ Pride Event in Washington DC, claiming that legislation that bans minors from receiving often permanent transgender medical procedures and other laws are hindering her from hiring “more qualified people.”

“Since January of this year, more than 400 anti-LGBTQ+ laws have been introduced at the state level,” she claimed in her speech. “That number is rising and demonstrates a trend that could be dangerous for service members, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole.”

Burt claimed that certain personnel would likely shy away from jobs located in places that do not allow the controversial procedures, as well as other factors that only seem to exist unchallenged in a small number of states.

“If a good match for a job does not feel safe being themselves and performing at their highest potential at a given location, or if their family could be denied critical health care due to the laws in that state, I am compelled to consider a different candidate, and, perhaps less qualified,” the general said.

According to the Human Rights Campaign activist group, over half the country has either implemented or is currently considering implementing bans on transitions for individuals under the age of 18, with twenty of the twenty-seven states already having bans in place.

The group referred to the practice of transitioning underaged youth as “Gender-Affirming Care.”

The Daily Mail reports that the Space Force has not spoken on the specific speech given by Lt. General Burt, but has spoken about the issue in the past.

“We have the top talent in the Nation, and we must enable them to perform their missions by ensuring they are not worried about the health and safety of their families,” a Space Force official said in a statement to Fox Nation. “The Department of the Air Force recognizes that various laws and legislation are being proposed and passed in states across America that may affect LGBTQ Airmen, Guardians, and/or their LGBTQ dependents in different ways.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently issued a statement announcing his willingness to be “dedicated to making sure that our LGBTQ+ personnel across the Joint Force can continue to serve the country that we all love with dignity and pride.”

Lt. Gen. DeAnna M. Burt is the Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Operations, Cyber, and Nuclear, United States Space Force, and oversees Operations, Sustainment, Cyber, and Nuclear Operations.

Burt is the first woman to hold the rank of major general in the US Space Force.

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