ANALYSIS: Southerly Route Most Likely for Flight 370

As new information emerges, it is appearing more likely that missing Flight 370 took a southerly route, eventually crashing into the southern Indian Ocean where it ran out of fuel, according to an analysis by The most likely scenario is that the pilot took the flight on a suicide mission. Here’s why:

– Reports indicate a large jet was seen flying north to south over the Maldives.
– There are no airstrips south of the Maldives within flying distance.
– Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has confirmed the pilot is the uncle of his daughter-in-law. Ibrahim was convicted of homosexuality and sentenced to five years in prison hours before the flight took off.
– The pilot’s family reportedly moved out the day before the flight.
– Reports indicate the flight was deliberately flown off course.
– A background check of passengers found no ties to terrorist organizations.
– Countries located in a possible northerly route report no signs of contact.

Therefore, it is likely the pilot, distraught over family and political issues and perhaps wanting to seek retribution over Malaysia’s “backwards” policies, committed suicide and killed everyone on board. It’s likely that remnants of the plane will be found at the southernmost range of the plane due south of the Maldives. Diabolically, the pilot knew this would cause the greatest frustration as this huge expanse of ocean is one of the most remote locations in the world.


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