Soldiers and veterans trolled by savage “West Point grad, second lieutenant”

A photo posted by US ARMY WTF Moments that lured a "2LT" into a debate on Facebook.

“This is what happens when NCOs play buddy-buddy with Soldiers. If I caught this, I would relieve the first line immediately.” – Second Lieutenant Jacob Newell, West Point Graduate 

  • Army Vet: “easy tough guy, the poor kid probably doesn’t have a holster…and that’s be up to great “leaders” like yourself to provide him with one. See how that works??”
  • Vet: “Speaking of holsters, y’all should shut your cock holsters and recognize you are addressing Lieutenant Jacob Newell, a graduate of the most prestigious military college in the world, a true leader and future Purple Heart recipient.”
  • Veteran: “Posthumously awarded PH due to fragging”
  • Former SSG: “you’re going to have a helluva time in the Army… Go get get em tiger…lol douchebag”
    • 2LT: “yes, the NCO Corps left me a wild mess to clean up. It’s going to be a stressful time, indeed!”
  • Army Infantry Vet: “Seen dozens of senior officers do that! BG, COL, LTC, down to company commanders”
    • 2LT: “So now it’s the correct thing to do? I’ve seen handfuls of General Officers get relieved for sexual misconduct. Is that the example we take after? I’m here to be the change the Army needs.”
    • Army Infantry Vet: “Yes. You’ve seen hands full. Okay”
    • 2LT: “full of leadership and responsibilities — something you’d know nothing about, boot.”
    • Army Infantry Vet: “Hahahaha guess I’ll enjoy the retirement.”
    • 2LT: “I’m about 30 seconds away from reporting you to Stolen Valor. There is no way you were an infantryman.”
    • Army Infantry Vet: “Do it loser.”
    • 2LT: : “maybe if you had a leader such as myself, you’d be making more money in retirement. #justsaying” 
  • Veteran: “Dear diary… All the NCOs laughed me out of the office when I tried to relieve one of them…”
  • Army Airborne Vet: “You obviously have no idea what it actually takes to relieve an NCO.”
    • 2LT: “oh great, I’m here to be lectured by an ETSed Specialist. Please, tell me more.”

If you have not caught on by now, 2LT Newell is not likely an Army officer but is definitely great at trolling the Army’s enlisted personnel.  His (or her) savagery knows no bounds.

Just know that if you ever cross paths with the “2LT” in a comment section, he is “a naturally born leader, cultivated into a killing machine on the paintball field.”

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