Soldiers “triggered” by leadership are in jail after going AWOL

Two Army soldiers, Austin Seeley (right) and Noah Fisher (left) were arrested after going AWOL from their duty station. (Franklin County Police)

Two military deserters who reportedly went AWOL over a dispute with leadership have turned themselves in after a long journey from Kentucky to Maine.

Maine native Austin Seeley and his Idaho-born counterpart Noah Fisher turned themselves into the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on Monday after the US Army issued warrants for their arrest.

Both under the age of twenty and likely relatively new to military service, the two Fort Campbell soldiers allegedly made a run for Seeley’s home state after a disagreement with their senior leaders.

Upon learning his son was in the area, Seeley’s father contacted the wayward lads and convinced them to surrender to the authorities.

According to the Press-Herald, Seeley and Fisher are currently being held without bail with fugitive from justice military desertion charges.

Due to the nature of the military warrants issued in their name, It is unknown if Seeley and Fisher will be extradited back to Fort Campbell but it is almost certain they will face court-martial.

Editor’s note: It was originally reported that the soldiers were AWOL from Fort Benning but this was incorrect.  The soldiers were assigned to Fort Benning for basic training before being stationed at Fort Campbell. 

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