Soldiers sneak out of AIT to go to nightclub, one gets pregnant in hotel

A soldier who has been in the Army for 12 years has made a tell-all video about numerous illegal activities during her time at Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

Before the recent decision to bring back Drill Sergeants to AIT, a lot of rules were being broken at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

Staff Sergeant Wilson, a 68Q Army Pharmacy Technician, says when she was there they would “let loose” on the weekends.

“Everybody got boyfriends, girlfirends, parites….I was not above any of it,” she said.

“We had parties all the time and people would come up pregnant,” she said. “Everyone was shacking up.”

In one specific incident, Wilson and her best battle buddy went to bed on Friday night in their “club clothes” -purchased at the PX- and snuck out after the 1:00 AM bed check.

After sneaking out of a window in their barracks, they hailed a cab and headed to nightclub to party and ended up in a hotel room after the club closed at 3:00 AM.

When it came time for the next bed check, her battle was nowhere to be found.

According to Wilson, a few weeks later she found out her battle buddy was pregnant.

Wilson says her battle had the child but no relationship continued with the soldier who was the father. He was sent to Germany while she was sent to Hawaii.

“I don’t want what happened to her to happen to you,” Wilson says.

While Wilson does not acknowledge her actions as wrong, she does encourage others not to engage in sexual activity during AIT.

YouTube video

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