Soldiers say a prostitute was found living in the barracks on post

A military police officer (left) and an artist's rendition of a sex worker in an Army barracks room.

A US Army installation in Hawaii is the subject of a lot of internet buzz, memes, and rumors after a prostitute was allegedly found squatting in a room at Schofield Barracks.

The alleged incident was leaked by several military-related social media pages, including Terminal CWO.

“It was apparently a woman,” the account relayed, “She was being paid to stay there and have sex according to some of my Soldiers that live in the building.”

“You crazy kids and your barracks h**kers,” the account added.

The message served as a caption for a screenshot of a message discussing the matter.

“I apologize for the early text, but something came up late last night,” the message began. “There was a homeless person found living in an unlocked room in BLD 778,. CSM Dobbs is going through that building this morning at 0630. Have your Soldiers who live in that building standing by their rooms instead of reporting to formation. The barracks managers will be there to open any rooms if the Soldiers are not present and make sure nothing gets stolen.”

Others in the comment section reported that the female was a prior active-duty soldier and that she had been squatting in the barracks for five days prior to her being discovered.

“Even if she was, they should have taken her CAC [Common Access Card] when she separated,” one user wrote. “The question remains, how did she get on base?”

“That’s probably a question for the dudes she was b*nging,” another replied.

“If she was smart, she’d just marry some dude and they could both get BAH [Basic Allowance for Housing] to live off base,” another chimed in. “Problem solved.”

Terminal_Gunny, another social media account, also had something to say on the matter.

“I’m over here trying to get rid of field day and you guys pull this s*** on me?” he joked.

“At least the h**ker wasn’t dead,” right?” one user quipped.

“Great point, actually,” Terminal_Gunny replied in jest. “We really saved ourselves from a PR nightmare here.”

Popular Military reached out to US Army Garrison Hawaii officials for clarification on the matter, but public affairs officers were not available for comment.

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