Soldiers involved in shooting incident at on-base home “sex” party

The owner of the home that hosted that party in a Fort Bliss housing complex sits in handcuffs on Saturday. (USAWTFM)

Fort Bliss, TX – Several individuals were detained as a Saturday orgy in off-post military jurisdiction housing resulted in twenty rounds being fired from a semi-automatic pistol.

Military Police were summoned to the scene after a fight broke out during the party at around 2:45 AM, causing numerous military and civilian personnel to flee the scene.

Upon arrival, the intoxicated soldier and homeowner who fired the shot was taken into custody and approximately twenty-one soldiers and civilians were detained for questioning, with several being under the legal age required to partake in alcohol-based activities.

Fort Bliss Garrison Public Affairs issued a statement, saying that “Fort Bliss Military Police were notified of an alleged discharge of a weapon at a party in Army housing. It was alleged that a fight broke out and shots fired at a party where alcohol was being served. As Military Police were arriving, numerous people attending the party dispersed.”

According to USAWTFM, there were no injuries reported during the event, which was reportedly set off by the homeowner being slighted during a multiple-partner sexual encounter at the residence.

“Following the altercation and a shouting match, audibly noticeable from other residences in the area, he proceeded to fire more than 20 rounds in what sounded like “exaggerated controlled bursts” with a semiautomatic pistol,” the website reported.


  • Michael Swaney

    Michael is an Army veteran and the Director of Content for Bright Mountain Media LLC

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