Soldiers involved in massive News Year’s Eve brawl punished

The Army has confirmed that it has punished the nine soldiers who were involved in a fight in South Korea on New Year’s Eve.  The fight took place outside of the UN Club, a popular nightclub close to Yongsan Garrison, which houses 21,000 service members, families, DoD personnel and Korean military.

The fight involved at least nine men and women who threw punches and wrestled with each other while it was all caught on camera.  It was not long after the fight that it was posted to social media and spread like wildfire.

The nine U.S. service members involved were in the 2nd Infantry Division, according to Let. Col. Richard Hyde, a spokesperson for the division.

According to Stripes, two of the soldiers appeared before summary court-martials, the lowest of the three types of court-martials. The other seven soldiers received non-judicial punishment.

“Punishments ranged from extra duty and restriction up to loss of pay, rank, and up to 30 days’ confinement,” Hyde said.

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