Soldiers forced to move into disgusting barracks that is causing sickness

The 82nd Airborne Division continues to make headlines in a bad way, this time related to barracks in appalling conditions that are allegedly making soldiers sick.

Members of the 82nd Airborne Division’s 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade are reporting terrible conditions after being billeted in older barracks that would likely fail to pass code in civilian settings.

To make matters worse, some soldiers are reporting that the unsanitary conditions are causing health problems.

Photos shared by US Army WTF! Moments (USAWTFM) show horrific conditions, which include warm refrigerators, mold in every imaginable nook and cranny, holes in walls, broken exhaust fans and loose wires.

While the photos were taken stateside at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, they resemble the austere Forward Operating Base conditions that many witnessed during tours in Iraq.

An investigation by USAWTFM revealed over 140 open work orders, which ranged from mold to leaks and flooding.

Some soldiers and veterans in the comments immediately recognized the barracks, and had horror stories of their own.

“We used to live in before they condemned it, just to turn it into the quarantine barracks for Soldiers returning from Africa during the Ebola outbreaks,” Christopher Ricketson said.

“I went a whole summer without AC in my room with (sic) innumerous calls to have it fixed,” said Kevin Gavin, who resided in the barracks back in 2012.

Others spoke of their escape from the barracks,

“These were the worst barracks buildings on Bragg when I was there,” Justin Bruce said. “I got lucky and got the new hotel style rooms, but the company was in these buildings.”

According to many of the comments, the barracks in question had been condemned, only to be re-opened without any repairs.

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