Soldiers don’t seem worried about COVID-19 or ‘social distancing’

Around the world, US servicemembers are cooped up in their homes and barracks, expected to ride out the quarantine- even while many are still performing their duties.

In Fort Stewart, Georgia, the “social distancing” concept has been shot all to hell as Soldiers -presumably of the 3rd Infantry Division- party it up in close-quarters.

The Soldiers were spotted in Bryan Village North on SnapChat, well inside of the six-foot radius and hammering back red Solo cups full of alcohol.

Other Soldiers could be seen goofing off in the barracks between 15th and 14th Street, dancing and laughing away their worries while in uniform.

For one Soldier, it seems, his time at Fort Stewart has come to an end, as he proudly showed his completed installation clearing papers.

Meanwhile, Military Police near Hero Road were seen gathered in a ready room, with one fast asleep while his comrades carried on various conversations.

However, even with the outbreak, some troopers were still stuck working on M1 Abrams tanks in the motorpool along Wilson Avenue.

In the end, the Army is still doing what the Army does- at least at Fort Stewart.

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