While some soldiers conduct water rescues in NC, others are playing in the floods

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, North Carolinians are facing challenges in the form of flooding that has submerged entire areas.

In response to the flooding, the National Guard has been hard at work, driving military vehicles through deep water in order to ferry supplies, rescue those who are trapped and provide relief to their fellow citizens.

Around 2,800 NC Guardsmen have been places on State Active Duty since the storm hit, focusing on Rebeson, Careret and Craven counties. In addition, the Virginia National Guard has also dispatched troops to assist North Carolina.

According to WLOS, the National Guard has been busy performing high-water rescues with 50 vehicles, saving around 203 people and 75 pets.

At Fort Bragg, however, there is a mix of activity- while others play in the water left behind by Florence, others are gearing up and deploying to sites in Fayetteville, Raeford, Newport, Trenton and Bolivia (the city, not the country). The Fayetteville Observer reported that the troops began deploying last Friday.

In addition to the North Carolina-native units, 360 soldiers from the 101st Airborne base in Kentucky and the 10th Mountain Division in New York have also been deployed to assist with rescue and recovery operations. On a smaller scale, a few soldiers from Colorado’s Fort Carson and Fort Hood, Texas, have also come to assist.

Currently, only 10 of Fort Bragg’s helicopters are ready to begin rescue operations, though reinforcements from other units could bring that number to around 120.

“It’s a joint effort,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Jones of Task Force Truck, the assembled conglomerate of Fort Bragg units tasked with rescue operations. “We’ve all got to be ready.”

So far, North Carolinians make up 14 of the 23 total casualties reported in relation to Hurricane Florence.

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