Soldiers caught on camera urinating all over downtown Anchorage storefront

Alleged patrons of local Anchorage bar urinating in public. (Screenshot from video below)

Anchorage, AK – Surveillance footage provided to police by several downtown Anchorage businesses shows wild crowds urinating all over the sidewalk, littering and vomiting.

Some of those people, it turns out, were soldiers stationed at JBER– Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

The rowdy behavior outside Brown Bag Sandwich Co—a local sandwich pub and basement bar in downtown Anchorage—has sparked a dispute between neighbors and bar owners. According to the local CBS station, the crowd that the restaurant and bar along 3rd Avenue attracts at night has become ‘unmanageable’.

The other surrounding business owners and residents of a condo community adjacent to the bar reportedly presented footage to the Downtown Community Council. It showed people “being loud, men and women publicly urinating at the entrance to the Turnagain Arms Condos, and a violent assault,” KTVA reported.

Soldiers from JBER, who have yet to be identified, urinating in public. (Courtesy Russ Reno)
Soldiers from JBER, who have yet to be identified, urinating in public. (Courtesy Russ Reno)

Business owner Russ Reno, owner of Anchorage Downtown TourGroup, was shocked when one of the soldiers came back for a second appearance.

“This was a deliberate act,” Reno said. The young man looked directly into the camera while he urinated on the storefront. It appears he was retaliating against the business owners for providing the original footage to KTVA.

“This is not the way you act, I don’t care if you’re in the military or not, you know, you just don’t act this way,” Reno said. He told KTVA that he’s relieved that JBER leaders are doing the right thing.

The soldier’s commander, Captain Cummings, called Reno to inform him that the soldier and his superior would be paying him a visit.

SSG Webb reportedly marched him downtown for a third visit, this time to apologize to Reno and the others.

The soldier, identified by his uniform as Private Payne, said he was wrong, would never do it again and that “it’s not the way that he should represent himself.” The local police station was the next stop.  According to APD, the young man was slapped with a $150 fine and civil citation for public excretion.

Screenshots from Russ Reno's security footage
US Army Private Payne smiles at a security camera as he urinates on a storefront.  (Screenshots from Russ Reno’s security footage)

Reno told Popular Military, “SSG Webb was the first to apologize followed by Payne.”

“The apology was sincere and well received,” he added.

Local resident Casey Guild contended in a Facebook comment, “The truth is Brown bag is taking away the business of the other restaurants in the area. These other restaurants, instead of improving their product, choose to use government to get rid of their competition. It’s the new American way”

Editor’s note: It was originally reported that during the second urinating incident a soldier wore his uniform, but this was incorrect. No soldiers were recorded urinating in public while in uniform.

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