Soldiers ambushed by teen thugs in random act of violence

As crime continues to rise in Tennessee’s Music City, three Soldiers from nearby Fort Campbell have learned firsthand just how dangerous Nashville is becoming.

Late last month, 24-year-old John Duncan, 19-year-old Cain Bentz and 22-year-old Richard Baker were traversing the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge when they were suddenly ambushed by a group of military-aged males.

All Soldiers involved were repeatedly punched, kicked and pushed by the attackers. During the brawl, Duncan sustained such severe head injuries that he was knocked unconscious and later underwent surgery.

According to Fox 17 Nashville, four 18-year-olds from Smyrna were arrested in connection with the crime, and have been identified as Chandler Corlew, Troy Banemanyvong, Caleb Brimm and Deontrey Roberson.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police are also questioning a fifth person who is believed to be involved.

In recent years, massive expansion and an influx of population from primarily outside of the American Southeast has caused growing pains for the Music City, to include skyrocketing housing costs, a change of local culture and a sharp increase in crime.

In the downtown area of Nashville alone, aggravated assault spiked over 23 percent from last year’s numbers, and the Pedestrian Bridge has become an area of concern for locals.

“The pedestrian bridge seems safe to me, and walking it so many times, you can tell you’re being watched quite thoroughly,” Nashvillian Jeff Koch said.

Total crime in Nashville has jumped six percent in 2019, exceeding the five year average.

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