Soldier with huge social media following is accused of being a “Glowie”

Hailey Lujan, a popular influencer in the Army, is often accused of helping the military to boost recruitment. Source: TikTok

A U.S. Army soldier with over 6 million views on TikTok may be instrumental in recruiting Gen Z as part of a “larger Psyop operation” -at least that’s what TikTok users are saying.

TikTok influencers in uniform are dominating social media, with “Haylujan” being known to the point of being a focus of many memes.

Hailey Lujan (known as “Haylujan” on Instagram and “LunchBagLuJan” on TikTok, began showcasing herself in uniform in early 2022, but had made sparse appearances the year prior.

According to her LinkedIn, she is a “psychological operations specialist” in the US Army and holds the rank of Specialist.

Prior to joining the Army in 2019, she graduated high school in Michigan where she played on the water polo team (verified on the school’s website).

After joining the Army, she claims to have attended her psychological operations job training at the J.F.K. Special Warfare school at Fort Bragg.

The army offers the following description of someone in her position:

“Their intelligence, interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and foreign language proficiency help sway opinions and actions of foreign governments, groups, and individuals.”

The Army states psychological operations specialists will develop “relationships necessary to influence their beliefs and actions” and they will also “use social media, digital marketing, and pamphlets to share information meant to help change minds and behaviors.”

Based on these general descriptions, it can be assumed the Army may have assigned her to use her social media to influence Americans’ opinions of the Army.

With over 17 million likes and nearly 366,000 followers on TikTok, Lujuan’s ability to draw Gen Z males to military topics like a siren has led to a conspiracy theory about whether or not her “TikTok persona” is just a government-funded recruiting ploy.

Many comments on her videos support this theory.

“I’m pretty sure she was designed in a lab by the military,” one user wrote.

“These enlistment ads are getting good,” another wrote and received numerous replies.

“Not a enlistment ad. she’s glowing!” a person replied. “Yup, getting simps to enlist,” another chimed in.

While these comments were found in one of her posts, they are not new and can be found all over her TikTok posts spanning a large time period.

Lujan doesn’t shy from her popularity or accusations of being part of a “psyop.”

“I am a PSYOP soldier and you guys only like me because I brainwashed you into it,” she wrote in a post back in June.

The comment was made on a video post that suggests her success as a Military TikToker is clearly based on her looks.

While not all of her posts highlight the Army in a positive light, she has clearly been given special access to military hardware for her videos, such as flying in an Apache helicopter.

One of the top comments on this particular video only furthers the speculation about its intentions.

“I’m literally re-enlisting for the chance I get the same base as her,” a fellow soldier on TikTok wrote.

While Lujan is arguably the most popular military e-girl (to the point where she is known as “U.S. Army E-girl” on, she’s not the only one being accused of being part of a larger “psyop operation.”

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