Soldier who was cheating with soldier’s wife admits to “finishing him off” during execution

SPC Kemia Hassel (left) and US Army soldier Jeremy Cuellar (middle) were having an affair before allegedly killing Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III (right).

The details surrounding the now-infamous deadly love triangle between three US Army Soldiers is starting to emerge, revealing that the “other man” and wife in the equation had planned on killing the woman’s husband for some time.

When Tyrone Hassel was gunned down outside of his family’s Berrien County residence on New Year’s Eve, the murder was no random act of violence. Instead, it had repeatedly been pre-meditated by his wife, Kemia Hassel, and her lover, Jeremy Cuellar.

All three individuals were serving in the US Army at the time of the incident. Kemia and Jeremy had reportedly been lovers while they were stationed in South Korea.

According to new details, the plot to kill Tyrone had been rehearsed and discussed through Snapchat, and was actually delayed several times before the “operation” could take place.

The initial plans to kill Tyrone -between the dates of December 19 to December 31- were repeatedly postponed due to complications, which ranged from missed opportunities to the matter of potential witnesses.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, Tyrone was lured to the family home by his wife, who requested he pick up plates of food for her and her son from the family gathering he was attending. Shortly after, Kemia called Jeremy and let him know he had a window of opportunity.

According to WNDU, Jeremy would later tell another Soldier that Tyrone was still breathing after he had been shot in the head, prompting Jeremy to fire a second round to “confirm the kill.”

Jeremy’s vehicle was spotted on camera on the night of the killing, placing him in the vicinity within a three-hour span of the shooting.

Marital and family issues, compounded with the extra-marital affair, appear to be the primary motives for the murder.

Kemia is expected to head into court this coming Tuesday, while Cuellar is awaiting extradition from Georgia.

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