Soldier who punched female security guard on video is sentenced to prison

A disgraced US Army combat veteran was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday for knocking out a security guard.

Matthew DeLeon, who was booted from the army with a less-than-honorable discharge in relation to a 2017 attack on a female security guard in Illinois, pleaded guilty to aggravated battery earlier this week.

Captured on surveillance cameras, DeLeon’s crime became viral due to the fact his victim was a grandmother.

DeLeon -an active-duty Army specialist on leave at the time- had been drinking all night and had passed out on the sidewalk when he was approached by security guard Zoa Stigler, who noticed him vomiting outside of a building she was assigned to watch over.

When Stigler asked if he was okay, DeLeon vomited. When asked to move along, the former Soldier then threw a water bottle at her before striking her in the face.

Fleeing the scene, DeLeon left Stigler with broken bones in her face. She was cleaning up his vomit when EMS arrived.

According to the Sun-Times, DeLeon did not remember the incident and turned himself in after he saw what he had done.

Stigler was off the job for some time, though a crowd-funding campaign managed to raise some money to help her get by.

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