Soldier who made adult content reveals she left Army over “toxic” standards

Naomi Moon (TikTok/OnlyFans)

A US Army veteran-turned e-girl claims she left the service due to a “toxic environment,” despite having an OnlyFans account and drama-filled TikTok about her life at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Former Army specialist Naomi Moon reportedly decided to get out of the military due to an environment that didn’t suit her.

Adorned in piercings in a TikTok video, the OnlyFans performer and gym enthusiast Naomi Moon mimicked the audio overlap while she pointed at captions explaining why she got out.

The reasons include “Height and weight standards from 1960 causing me to starve myself,” and “Realizing that toxicity is due to a cult-like mindset to retain Soldiers and prevent independence.”

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It should be noted that Moon is what some may consider “plus sized,” uses TikTok and has an OnlyFans account— trending factors among Western women that some commenters took into account.

“The tape is extremely easy to pass,” one user wrote.

“Yeah, some of this is cap,” another added, showing skepticism in Gen-Z vernacular. “H&W 100% true. Cult-like mentality, maybe… but I don’t see it.”

“Welcome to the f***ing cult, get right or get left,” a third user wrote. “Weak genes.”

“So…weak,” a fourth chimed in.

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Others defended Moon.

“If you ain’t a white male, the military will treat you like dog shi*te,” one user wrote.

“You are better off without the toxicity,” chimed another. “Keep doing your thing.”

“Can’t forget about the rapists, sexism, and toxic leadership,” another quipped.

Moon has 506,600 followers on TikTok, 105,000 followers on Instagram, and 1,800 subscribers on OnlyFans.

Her most recent OF entry reads: “Hey guys! I have a new sx video available where you can see me making my man prematurely cm by bling him and getting fed missionary! It’s 4 minutes long, and $30! If you want it, DM me!!”

Earlier this year, she told her fans that she was going through some mental health issues.

Some images and videos from social media appear to confirm her statements as they show possible signs of self-harm.

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