Soldier who gave birth in Afghanistan has been found dead

An Indiana Soldier who gave birth in a combat zone has died of mysterious causes, authorities report.

Ashley Shelton is best known for giving birth to her son while deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, having been deemed deployable despite multiple pregnancy tests.

The birth was not widely publicized at the time, and the Army went to great lengths to make sure the news didn’t get out- that is, until Shelton told her hometown news station, WTHR, in 2017.

While a doctor claimed that her pregnancy results were false positives caused by mice on her family farm, he faced no disciplinary actions when it was discovered that she deployed with child.

Sadly for Shelton and her family, she was found dead in her vehicle on Saturday, outside of a Franklin-area hotel where she was to meet with her mother and son for a night at the swimming pool.

Authorities in Clinton County believe that there is nothing suspicious about the death, and found no evidence of foul play.

WTHR reported that Shelton struggled with PTSD, depression and other symptoms common to those who have deployed overseas.

Shelton served in the Indiana Army National Guard, and left the organization last year on full disability.

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