Soldier who abused his wife at mall has been detained by military police

The US Army Soldier who went on a vicious and violent tirade outside of a Georgia mall is in the custody of law enforcement.

The 3rd Infantry Division Soldier, identified as Chance Johnson, berated several women and attacked his wife -identified as Karen Johnson- in a fit of rage outside of a Savannah mall.

“He kept throwing up the race card and being disrespectful and ‘b— that and b— this,’” De’Minka Spaulding told WSAV after the incident, which was caught on film by one of her friends. “So, we start arguing back and forth I didn’t know what else to do because he started taking his anger out on his wife.”

The military police have reportedly taken Johnson into custody, and 3rd Infantry Division officials at Fort Stewart are looking into the matter.

“[The] 3rd Infantry Division leadership is aware of an incident involving one of our Soldiers captured on video yesterday,” the unit said in a statement. “The Soldier has been positively identified and has been detained. We are working with the appropriate civilian and military authorities to address this situation. This Soldier’s behavior and actions are not condoned by the 3rd Infantry Division and are not in keeping with the values instilled in our Dogface Soldiers or our Army.”

A native of Greeneville, Tennessee, Johnson did not have a deployment patch or combat badge on his uniform at the time of the assault, and it is unknown if he saw any combat.

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