Soldier walks in on parents in the act while trying to ‘homecoming’ surprise them

Screenshots from video below

A service member who wanted to make a viral “homecoming” video got more than he bargained for, when he caught his parents making love.

The Colorado native and US Army Soldier, whose name is Joseph, filmed the event when he showed up unannounced after 2.5 years stationed in Germany.

“We had no clue that our son Joseph was coming home on his R&R, and he told his sister Josephine, the camera lady, that he wanted to surprise us,” his mother, Kaati Pena, said.

“We were surprised and beyond embarrassed,” she added.

The couple was in the process of making love when Joseph barged into their room.

Upon witnessing the reenactment of his conception, Joseph was traumatized and immediately fled.

According to The New York Post, Joseph spent the remainder of his leave with his girlfriend and sister.

“He texted and called daily but avoided coming over to the house,” Pena said, “And we were OK with it because he needed to enjoy his R&R and not be scarred by what he saw.”

YouTube video

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