Soldier violates TikTok ban to tell Iran, “we’ll F- your s**t up”

A US Army Soldier went “full hooah” on TikTok, challenging Iran after repeating excerpts from the Soldier’s Creed.

The unnamed Soldier -who was wearing his long-sleeve PTs during the short video- claimed that the US does not want to fight Iran, but are “prepared to go to war.”

“Excuse my language,” he said. “We will f**k your s**t up.”

With deadpan voice and emotionless eyes, the Soldier (that we can only assume is ranked E-3 or below), then tells Iran to leave the USA alone.

“Don’t even threaten us,” he said.

Needless to say, the video is pure cringe, and will no doubt result in some much-needed hazing from his peers or disapproval from his superiors.

TikTok is a Chinese-made app that the Department of Defense has banned for use by military personnel, as the app is a security risk.

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