Soldier tells female coworkers he beats off a lot to get through deployment

A support Soldier in the US Army claims masturbation is the key to victory in Afghanistan, primarily if the number one enemy is boredom.

Specialist Wilson, a Soldier with an unknown unit attached to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), claimed that while he occasionally gets to leave the wire, he spends a lot of time “flogging the Bishop.”

“It’s monotonous,” he said of his role in Afghanistan. “I’m plagued with being really good at things I don’t like.”

Wilson admits he hasn’t been on many missions, but claims the ones he went on were “fun.”

“Missions are fun,” he said. “I’ve only been on three, but I get to go out.”

Ultimately, Wilson keeps himself busy with other activities, be it pounding down Monster energy drinks or pounding something else.

“You just gotta beat off a lot,” he said. “You’ll be fine.”

The video author, “MrGlue,” would later compare Wilson to Toby from “The Office,” stating that he ruins everything.

Wilson’s comrades would state that they too were bored on deployment, but did not go into such detail.

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