Soldier takes his own life two weeks after coming home from deployment

A soldier believed to be assigned to the 2-319 Airborne Artillery of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg has taken his own life.

24-year-old Justin LaJoie-Grosvenor was declared brain dead  at 5:12 am yesterday, according to his wife. The Army has not announced the Edgewater, Florida natives death or released a statement.

His wife, Kaitlin LaJoie-Grosvenor released the following statement:

“Please just read this.

This my husband Justin.

He is the sweetest and kindest man I have seen in a long time.

He gives the best hugs and kisses.

He holds hands the tightest and always reminded me that he loved me.He looks so happy in this picture with his kids at the Nashville Zoo this past Sunday.

Pictures can lie though.

If you have a loved one who is suffering and has thoughts of suicide, don’t hide it for them. Don’t think your love is enough to help them through it.

As of 5:12 am this morning my husband is considered brain dead. He just got back from deployment two weeks ago and we were ready to put our life on track and fix the flaws in our family to better ourselves.

We have always had our issues. Everyone does. We, like many other people, were just worried about finances and such. He felt if he brought attention to his thoughts that the military would kick him out. He has no degree or any technical skills so he would worry that we would lose everything if he lost this job.

The Army was his dream and he loved this job immensely. I tried to talk to him and work things out for him all the time. As you can see it did not work and I failed. I should have went to someone and given him a fighting chance of beating this depression he received from the pressure of his job and life.

I would probably still have my husband right now, he may be pissed but he still would be alive. Don’t think the smiles and the laughter are a sign that someone is not mentally ill.

I just want yall to stay aware of this hidden illness and just to look out for any warning signs. I love this man with all my heart and just want his memory to live on as a good one and for everyone to remember the great person he is.”

On September 16, the 2nd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne officially handed over authority to 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain in Baghdad, Iraq. The brigade spent nine months “supporting Iraqi and Coalition partners through the advise and assist mission, achieving historic victories against ISIS throughout Nineveh Governorate, notably in Mosul and Tal Afar. ”

During their deployment, two soldiers from LaJoie-Grosvenor’s unit (2-319) were killed during a mishap while firing a M777 howitzer, a towed 155 mm artillery piece, at an ISIS mortar position.

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