Soldier spits blood in cop’s face after beating his “fashion model” girlfriend in public

A Fort Campbell Soldier was arrested by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and released on an $11,000 bond after he brutally attacking his girlfriend and spitting on a police officer.

25-year-old Ryan Turner and his “international fashion model” girlfriend were fighting in public along Demonbreun Street mere hours into the new year when Turner struck her in the face, dragging her across the street by her hair.

According to the local news, witnesses attempted to intervene, prompting Turner to brandish a knife before cutting his girlfriend’s face and arm.

Attempting to flee, Turner was taken down by several security guards from a local bar and other bystanders until MNPD could arrive on scene.

When police tried to take Turner into custody, the Soldier spit blood into the mouth of MNPD Officer Jonathan Hadley.

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