Soldier says the secrets of the E4 Mafia are being released to the public

A US Army Soldier has revealed the secrets of the E-4 Mafia, and he’s not aware that the E-4 Mafia’s tactics are not a secret.

“Somebody, this guy in the Army, he wrote a book about shamming in the military,” the Soldier said, posting the video to the “Army Secrets” YouTube page.

Looking incredibly high and/or drunk as he stumbled through the hallway and blew snot on his shirt, the Soldier was shocked that the author revealed the “secrets of the E-4 Mafia.”

“The first rule of Fight Club..Uh, deny everything,” the Soldier slurred, not aware of the actual first rule of Fight Club.

The Soldier was frequently interrupted by other Soldiers in the barracks, who called him a liar and made fun of him.

“We E-4 Mafia people, we gotta unite,” he said. “Do not let that book get out.”

It is unknown what book he was talking about. However, if he found it on the internet, it must be true.

The video has an astounding 23 views and a 0:1 like to dislike ratio.

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