Soldier says Syria deployment “f-ing sucks, degenerate Americans” have nothing to complain about

(The video was removed at the request of the soldier)

A US Army Soldier returning from Syria claims it “f***ing sucked,” as news comes that around 1,000 troops will remain in the war-torn nation.

YouTuber “djwaters22” (who is referred to as “DJ Waters” by his viewers) reported to his 8,200 subscribers that he did not enjoy his time in Syria, discussing the austere environment in which he had to do his job while deployed.

Careful not to divulge too much information in the name of procedural security, Waters revealed that his 9-month deployment began in Kuwait, but eventually led him to Syria.

“This is all stuff you can Google, so it’s not secret information,” he said.

Waters said that his unit was asked to provide volunteers to go to Syria, and he was the first to raise his hand- after all, what could be worse than Kuwait?

As it turns out, it’s Syria. Syria is worse than Kuwait.

“That place f***ing sucked, man,” he said. “That place sucks. It’s not like Iraq or Afghanistan, where it is established.”

Noticing a distinct lack of a PX, hard-sided buildings, air conditioning, and running water, Waters began to wonder if he bit off a little more than he could chew.

With only bottled water, bathing was a rare occasion and food came in the form of MREs. For months on end, the spartan lifestyle.

“I gotta say, being in Syria made me appreciate America so much,” he said. “These cities were completely demolished, man.”

Waters took note of the suffering endured by Syrian civilians, who seemed genuinely happy to see Americans. Despite being sick of MREs, he made a point to share them from time to time.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States is planning on keeping nearly a thousand personnel in the country, despite orders from President Donald J. Trump to conduct a complete withdrawal from the nation.

The decision appears to be made in relation to the failure of US-backed Kurdish forces to create a safe zone in northeastern Syria, creating a security risk for nearby nations.

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