Soldier says reception is “worst place on earth, the civilians are pieces of s**t”

A US Army private has made a critical error in judgement by publicly posting his opinions of basic training and military life while in uniform, even going so far as to publicly insult an NCO.

Rookie Soldier PFC Richardson, owner of the YouTube Channel “Pscrbaggam” and currently stationed in Korea, filmed the YouTube live Q&A video while on CQ guard duty at his barracks on Saturday.

In his video, Richardson talks about the number-one subject of non-battle-tested privates everywhere: Basic.

Richardson enlisted sometime around December 14, 2017, and was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia, for Reception (AKA, the 30th Adjutant General Reception Battalion) and Basic Training.

“30th AG is the worst place on earth,” he said. “Cadre, they don’t fu***** like you. “Civilians there are pieces of s***. The ‘drill sergeants’ there, they’re either going somewhere else or they’re insane.”

Richardson expressed how much he didn’t like the food, work or any real aspect of reception and basic, adding that he felt “brainwashed” at times.

One thing Richardson felt uncomfortable with was open bay showers, noting that he was “not ready” to shower without curtains.

At one point, Richardson began talking about his drill sergeants, going so far as to speak out against one of them in a disrespectful manner.

“F*** him,” he said. “F*** him.”

Richardson claimed that there was a rumor going around that the NCO in question had killed a private, and noted that his signature phrase was “I don’t give a f***.”

After burning up twenty-three minutes of CQ duty, Richardson eventually signed off.

“It’s Rich, and I’m out,” he said.

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