Soldier says he violated “SHARP” by showing his bed in tour, Army chaptering him out for his digressions on YouTube

YouTube stardom and the US Military don’t mix- and one US Army Soldier is finding this out the hard way.

“Ayee Floyd,” a YouTuber who serves in the US Military, was reportedly getting chaptered out after the US Army began watching his channel, where he often said things -while on duty- that were not aligned with the Army Values.

Floyd, who has only 958 subscribers, made a lot of military videos in his early years on YouTube.

“That’s when I was on fire for the military,” he said in an update discussing his future.

Unfortunately for him, the Army didn’t care for his innuendos and frequent use of a racial slur.

“Oh, well, you definitely can’t say that,” the Army reportedly told him, referencing the “n-word.”

After enough times of documenting himself acting “unprofessionally” in uniform, the Army decided to chapter him out.

For Floyd, he understands why the Army might get riled up about some of the videos, but kicking him out seems excessive- especially since Soldiers reportedly goof off all the time.

“Ninety-five percent of the time at work, it is not professional, bro,” he said.

That said, he says he’s more than happy to comply until his term of service ends, whether he likes it or not.

“I know what I signed up for, I gotta follow the rules,” he said. “I’m gonna follow the rules.”

Floyd’s videos include asking women if “5 inches is enough,” as well as a video titled, “My uncle is a lowkey pedophile.”

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