Soldier says he joined the infantry because he “smoked a lot of pot and failed classes”

A US infantryman isn’t doing the branch any favor when it comes to beating the stereotype of grunts being dumb and thoughtless.

PFC Cantrell sat down with an NCO in a video -produced by Ben Alvarado, who goes by “Ben Allen” on YouTube-  and talked about life as a young Army Infantryman, albeit in a way that doesn’t reflect well upon the “smarter, faster, stronger” image the modern infantry is trying to adopt.

In the video interview conducted this week, Cantrell admitted to forging signatures in order to enlist at age 17, effectively starting his military career with a criminal offense.

To be fair, many of America’s fighting men traditionally lied about their ages or forged signatures to get into the military during a time of war- and in an era where the Army can neither seem to recruit new Soldiers or keep the ons they have, Cantrell’s enthusiasm is forgivable in the court of public opinion.

When asked why he joined the Army, he says, “I failed a lot of classes in school and smoked a lot of pot…”

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