Soldier says Army found loophole to never pay all his bonuses over 15 years

A US Army Soldier claims that he was scammed after he was forced to repay his reenlistment bonuses, claiming that a technicality caused the payments to be invalidated.

Jason Yamamoto, a non-commissioned officer who apparently works as a cook, was reportedly short-changed on both his enlistment and reenlistment contracts.

Enlisting in 2003, the Bay Area native only received $3,500 for his first enlistment,Yamamoto re-upped in 2009 for an additional three years, earning $5,000.

Some time in 2014, however, he was informed he would have to pay the bonuses back, as the bonuses weren’t real.

According to Yamamoto, if the signatures for the bonuses are not dated on the exact day of enlistment, the entire bonus becomes invalid.

“They said that the bonus didn’t exist at that tim,” he recounted. “Then how in the f**k did I get paid? They said, enlist for 3 years, get $5k or 6 years for $10k.”

Choosing to reenlist for $10,000, he later discovered that the big bonus -which could have solved his problems- was rejected due to his debt.

“I will complete 17 years in the Army by 2020,” he noted, adding that 20% of each paycheck will be garnished in order to pay off his debts.

When not soldiering, Yamamoto spends his time doing physical fitness and strength training, and is part of the Army National Guard as of 2015.

While he initially did not enjoy his time in the Guard, he has since come to love his time in part-time service.

Despite his mishaps, he now entertains his 13,000 YouTube subscribers with regular advice videos on everything from fitness to military service advice.

Yamamoto was also the subject of a 2017 fake news article, which claimed he went to prison for assaulting “liberal” protesters at a demonstration in California.

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