Soldier said to have been killed in flood may have been drowned by a Staff Sergeant

A Fort Campbell soldier who reportedly drowned in a swollen creek during the surge of flooding earlier this summer was allegedly being baptized shortly beforehand.

Photos posted by a fellow soldier show Army Specialist Dhaifal Ali being baptized before he was swept up by the current with his body not being recovered until several days later, according to News Channel 5.

The man who baptized Ali on a government installation is Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers, a Fort Campbell soldier who is not a chaplain and believes the end times are approaching.

With over 400,000 followers on Facebook who watch and comment on his self recorded mini-sermons, Rogers has made a large amount of his videos wearing body armor and his uniform.

“Oh, you haven’t been praying. Oh, you haven’t been fasting. He (the devil) just gets in there and cuts you,” Rogers said in a video as he stabbed a garbage bag.

Rogers also spoke out against homosexuals.

“Look at the gay people just trying to invade everything. The devil’s voice is loud and clear,” Rogers said in a post.

Fort Campbell officials say that Rogers’ sermons and criticism of President Obama break no protocols.

Reportedly, Ali was a Muslim who had been attending a Christian church and had told some friends in secrecy that he planned to convert.

On the same day, Rogers posted a conversation between himself and a Muslim soldier, who is believed to be Ali.

The soldier told Rogers, “I will convert from ISLAM to CHRISTIAN but do not inform anyone,” the soldier said, not wanting other Muslims to know.

Rogers posted that “my heart is so broken” and urged people to pray for Ali’s “children, his wife and our unit as a whole.”

Fort Campbell will only say the circumstances surrounding Ali’s accidental death are under investigation.

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