Soldier posts an anti-Army video on Memorial Day but her posts “do not represent DoD”

Source: TikTok

While most Americans enjoyed their Monday off work and took advantage of sleeping in, outdoor activities, and time with family and friends, the day has a bit more meaning for those who have lost people close to them while fighting our nation’s battles.

Even those serving who have not fought overseas are reminded of the sacrifices of those who came before them with numerous effigies and placards on installations, references in training, and history lessons.

It is hard to believe that anyone wearing the uniform of this great country would ever choose this sacred day to show their disdain for their branch of service and those serving in it.

But hey, it’s TikTok, and the opinions of their military users “Do Not Represent the DOD.”

Apparently, for those, who want to use their uniform as a platform to build a following as an authority on all things military -at least in the minds of non-military viewers- a blanket statement is enough to say whatever they want.

One young soldier, Private Veronica Garza, who goes by @bad.xx.bby on TikTok, did just that on Memorial Day.

Some of her posts feature what is commonly referred to as “thirst traps” and end up turning into opportunities for her to marginalize men who show interest in them.

But many of her posts feature her wearing her uniform with military hashtags but they “do not represent the DoD.”

So on Memorial Day, when she posted a video featuring soldiers serving honorably and shook her head in disgust at the end of the video, she wants you to know that despite wearing her uniform, it was just her opinion.

@bad.xx.bby Remember your reasons why 🇺🇸 #fypシ #fyp #miltok #military #army #marines #airforce #navy #coastguard ♬ original sound – THEYGOTYOUR6

Last we checked, the U.S. military is still an all-volunteer force with many exit strategies for those who can’t hack it.

Based on the link to her PlayBoy account on her TikTok, which features “exclusive content” for followers, she appears to be working on another career already.

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