Soldier overseas lights himself on fire in protest

A soldier set himself on fire Thursday in protest of his unit being deactivated.

Ukrainian veteran Serhii Ulianov created quite a spectacle outside of military headquarters in Kiev after he doused himself in accelerant and set himself alight.

According to UNIAN, bystanders attempted to stop Ulianov but were unable to catch him before he set himself alight, with one soldier burning himself attempting to stop the self-immolation.

Firefighters -who had been standing by- stepped in and extinguished the flames with a fire extinguisher and blankets. An ambulance arrived shortly after and took Ulianov to the hospital, where doctors are currently still treating him.

The Ukrainian veteran was a member of a volunteer battalion which was disbanded in 2016 under suspicion of criminal acts, a move which critics of the move call unconstitutional due to the lack of proper documentation when the unit was stood down, thus rendering the soldiers unable to legally retired with benefits.

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  • Michael Swaney

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