Soldier, NYC firefighter who lost dad due to 9/11 stabs men in bar on 9/11

A New York City firefighter and Army Reservist was charged with assault after engaging in a fistfight and stabbing on 9/11 at a Rhode Island bar.

John DeCarlo, 35, a retired Marine and US Army Reservist who now serves with the FDNY, was arrested on Wednesday at the All Stars Bar and Grill in Warwick.

Responding officers arrived following a call shortly after 1:15 AM, they found two victims bleeding from the neck and torso. Both men were taken to the hospital and, following surgery, are now reported to be in stable condition.

At the conclusion of the detectives’ investigation the following individuals were charged with Disorderly Conduct and released on a Summons:

Yannis Pavlis, 26 of Warwick
Jonathan S. Paquin, 23 of Warwick
Nicholas E. Marasco, 26 of Narragansett
Jason E. Moniz, 29 of Providence

Decarlo, from Brooklyn NY, is being charged with two counts of Assault with Intent to Commit Specified Felony (Murder), Weapons Other than Firearms Prohibited (knife > 3”) and Disorderly Conduct. He was presented for arraignment in Kent County District Court yesterday afternoon.

DeCarlo and his accomplices initially fled the scene following the altercation but returned to stab the two victims.

The firefighter’s attorney claimed that DeCarlo was in Warwick on military business.

DeCarlo’s late father was killed after succumbing to Ground Zero-related cancer, and his sister is an NYPD detective.

The FDNY reports that DeCarlo, who did not enter a plea and was released on a $50,000 bond, has been suspended without pay until the court case runs its course.

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