Soldier kicked out of Army for having “ghost gun” at BLM rally

A US Army Soldier from Fort Drum learned the hard way about New York gun laws- and the result was his separation from the service.

Noah Latham, who was assigned to the home of the 10th Mountain Division, was arrested on June 7 for carrying a “ghost gun,” a political term for a firearm with a serial number-less lower receiver created by the user.

While such lowers (often sold in 80% complete form, with the resulting 20% of end user work allowing for the firearm to lack a serial number) are legal in most states, New York is a state with far stricter gun laws, going so far as to mandate registration- even though the constitutionality of such a practice has long been questioned.

Latham didn’t do himself any favors when it came to being discovered with the homebrew weapon, as he was spotted at a protest in Albany wearing “military style body armor.”

A search of vehicles belonging to Latham and the group he was with turned up manuals tied to a New England Minutemen militia group.

While Latham was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, he has not yet been indicted, according to Rensselaer County officials.

According to WWNYTV, Latham had expressed previous disdain towards police brutality and felt that police officers should have 4-year degrees in order to be in law enforcement.

The US Army has reportedly given Latham the boot, with officials stating only that he was “separated” from the service.

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