Soldier in video with Hooter’s girl identified as the same soldier from viral divorce

Source: TikTok

A Staff Sergeant in the United States Army is giving us yet another reason why military service and social media can cause controversy by displaying behavior that has perpetuated stereotypes about enlisted life since the beginning of time.

The divorce and rebound drama of a US Army couple has resurfaced on TikTok after a soldier was featured in a video grinding with a Hooter’s waitress in his uniform.

The video shared by NotInRegs shows the aforementioned NCO dancing with a Hooters waitress (his new wife), believed to be one who works in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

For those not in the know, Fayetteville is home to Fort Liberty, formerly known as Fort Bragg.

Employees of the Hooters in Fayetteville, North Carolina (Facebook)

@notinregss Do you think they met at hooters? #army ♬ original sound – Notinregss

The male US Army staff sergeant by the name of Hillmer was recognized as the same soldier in a viral divorce video in 2021.

The SSG, whose patch is that of the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, was identified by commenters as the ex-husband of another TikTok user, a fellow SSG, who goes under the handle “@paytonralvord.”

The Staff Sergeant -whose name we have removed at her request- also previously of the 108th ADA] posted a viral video that depicted the strains of the divorce, and their relationship coming to an end.


It should’ve never ended like this. Saying goodbye to the last 3 years, good times and bad. We sold our family home today, it’s time to part ways.

♬ Forever Young – Andrea von Kampen

This contrasts heavily with videos of her ex-husband, galavanting with a breastaurant waitress.

However, the irony of this was not lost on people who commented on the video posted by notinregs.

“Ugh,” one user commented, “Do I really wanna say what I [am] thinking?”

“We thought staff sausage would know better,” said another. “Turns out, he doesn’t.”

“So when I marry the stripper, it’s ‘Bad Specialist,’ but when Big Sarnt does it, it’s okay?” another chimed in. “I hate it here.”

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