Soldier in Middle East says he triggered by all the WWIII memes

A poorly-groomed US Army Soldier is apparently demanding that World War III be the most boring conflict yet, coming down on those who want to make funny memes.

The US Army Specialist showed up in an unkempt uniform that no filter could make neater, claiming that the life of a Soldier means that memes might become a tragic reality.

“You gotta understand man… for somebody like me who has been here since November, in the middle of this sh****…” the Instagram user known as Kiing_Johnson said in a video. “Y’all could post a good lil meme about being positive for us or praying for us…”

Seemingly out of the loop when it comes to having a sense of humor, Johnson proceeded to whine about how people should be gearing their troops up to fight.

“We are really going through this sh*** and a lot of us might not be coming back. So a prayer or a good luck could help.”

It is unknown what kind of braided cord was wrapped around Johnson’s neck at the time of filming, though it likely isn’t regulation.

Despite his unkempt appearance and scraggly facial hair, he had a warning for the public that he just couldn’t keep to himself.

“My generation better tighten up sometimes,” he said.

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