Soldier getting kicked out says he’s “a lucky sperm with a spirit from the 3rd dimension”

A US Army soldier is getting chaptered out, and considers himself to be “a lucky sperm” with a spirit fit from the “3rd dimension.”

Delijah Porter, who served three years in the US Army before learning he was getting an Other-Than-Honorable Discharge, was surprised to find that the Army wasn’t willing to keep him.

“I can’t stay out of trouble, I guess,” he said. “I guess I’m just no good, always getting in trouble.”

Involved in incidents that reportedly required the presence of law enforcement, Porter was short on details but noted that “stuff just escalates.”

Now facing the loss of two regular paychecks every month, Porter finds himself at a “crossroads” of uncertainty and is unsure what to do with his life once he no longer wears the uniform.

“Uphill or downhill, it’s only one hill,” he said.

Despite his misfortune (be it self-inflicted or otherwise), Porter is trying to remind himself that he is here for a reason.

“My spirit was summoned here in the third dimension for a reason,” he said. “5,000, 10,000 sperms…millions of sperm, in my dad’s reproductive system. For me to be the only one to make it out, I got a purpose.”

While Porter could have re-enlisted for around $20,000, he opted not to. While now in his 20s, he still feels like he could go back to school and play college football.

He reportedly enlisted at 19 years of age. You can view his entire testimonial on Youtube here.

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