Soldier getting kicked out if cant pass APFT, says he’s tried his hardest to pass despite hours of COD gaming

A US Army National Guardsman ant YouTube gamer is in trouble and facing a chaptering out after he repeatedly failed to pass his PT Tests.

YouTuber “CrazySpartan23X” (real name: Mr. Lowery), who currently serves in the Guard, has been put on notice: Pass your physical fitness requirements or kiss your uniform goodbye.

Passing only two of the three events required to pass, Lowery fell short of his run and was told that he could lose rank and be chaptered out if he doesn’t pass in the next six months.

“Failed my run by like, 26 seconds, which isn’t that bad,” he said. “It was very negligible, but the Guard upholds me to a higher standard.”

Lowery then urged his fans to partake in some Call of Duty-related activities, a nod to the gaming channel he spends so much time with.

It is unknown if Lowery will reduce time spent playing Soldier and ranking up on the internet in order to better his Soldiering skills and lose rank in real life.

Lowery has around 178 subscribers, who he reminds to stay “motivated and dedicated.”

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