Soldier forges deployment orders to exploit her girlfriend, makes her cry

Screenshot from YouTube. The video has since been deleted.

A female US Army soldier and YouTuber forged false military orders to prank and exploit her girlfriend in front of the entire world.

Specialist Stephanie Batista, who appears to be in the Delaware Army National Guard component of the 198th Signal Battalion, reportedly typed up fraudulent military documents in order to trick her girlfriend, Lauryn, into thinking that she would be deployed to Kuwait for one year.

Sporting a full uniform in the video (as well as very “out of reg” fingernails resembling talons), Batista decided to present the fraudulent documents to Lauryn.

“I’m finna [sic] be deployed baby,” she said. “I’m finna [sic] go bye-bye.”

The forged orders show that Batista would be reporting to the 198th Joint Signal Unit, and -in what appears to be a violation of Army regulations in the name of social media narcissism- listed the names of actual people in her Delaware-based unit for all the world to see, including potential enemies of the United States.

Shockingly, the identities of the individuals listed were later revealed to all belong to members of the Delaware Army National Guard, many of whom being open about their military service on social media. In addition, her commanding officer, Captain Brian Anton, was also listed, complete with signature.

As far as the prank went, Batista’s girlfriend did not take it well.

“All this sh** we got planned, and now this,” she said. “Basically we got to put our life on hold for a year.”

Ultimately the deployment was a joke- but the privacy violations of other soldiers were very real.

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