Soldier falls out of speeding vehicle during live-fire exercise in Europe

A Belgian soldier was nearly killed during a live-fire exercise when he was dragged several meters down the road after falling out of a vehicle.

The incident reportedly took place in French-speaking Belgian region of Wallonia, where troops were conducting light vehicle contact reaction training.

Riding “gunner seat” in the van, the soldier opened the sliding door and prepared to engage, only to be ejected from the vehicle while still wearing a seatbelt.

Screaming as he made contact with the road, the soldier lost his weapon and was dragged for several meters before his comrades stopped.

“Weren’t you wearing a safety belt?” one soldier asked him.

“Yes, yes, yes,” He replied. The belt held me.”

The soldier’s jacket was shredded during the incident. Reports indicate he suffered minor back and leg injuries, but is doing well.

The video was leaked through Live Leak on Feb 1, 2019.

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