Soldier denies planning to kill girl after being caught with knife and rope outside her home

Stuart Rutowski (LinkedIn/Milwaukee County)

Update: The soldier accused of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and stalking pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Stuart Rutowski is accused of expressing “his intentions to kill the girl he was stalking” as well as showing off items like a black gown, mask, and a knife.

November 9 – A U.S. soldier from Wisconsin was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide after stalking and expressing a desire to kill a woman he graduated with from high school earlier this year.

Prosecutors say Stuart Rutowski, 18, confessed to his parents via text messages that he wanted to be a serial killer.

They were tipped off after Rutowski’s parents told a U.S. Army First Lieutenant they were concerned about the messages they received from their son.

After a police detective reviewed videos on Rutowski’s phone and found instances in which Rutowski expressed “his intentions to kill the girl he was stalking,” according to the criminal complaint.

The phone also had images of incriminating items, such as a black gown, a mask, and a knife, according to Fox 6.

The detective also searched his bedroom room and “found a notebook containing the word ‘kill’ written multiple times.”

The mother of the victim spoke to the local news about Rutowski after his arrest.

“On her way home from school she would see him [Rutowski] sitting in a parking lot just watching her,” the mother said. 

She said her daughter and Rutowski had classes together, but did not know each other beyond that. 

“The things he was going to do if given the opportunity just really struck us,” the mother said. 

Rutowski’s phone records show him admitting to leaving a box with a knife, rope, and a serial killer costume in it near the victim’s home.

“It’s hard to hear that about your own daughter,” the mother said. 

Rutowski joined the Army in June 2023 and was administratively expelled for the investigation into his stalking and planned murder, according to the Army.

His LinkedIn profile confirms these dates and also includes some more information about his personal life.

“I am currently working at Pick n’ Save and working at the recruitment center,” he wrote. “I will be going to BCT in June of 2023. I play many videogames including: All CODs, VR chat, and misc social games like gang beast.”

“I am a single, straight male, however, I have dedicated myself to one person,” he added.

Another profile was created after he was on active duty and states: “I’m currently achieving the Army rank of E-2 Private as a 15w UAS Operator (pilot of UAV).”

He had a cash bond set at $250,000 during his initial appearance in Milwaukee County court on Monday.

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