Soldier confused why nobody woke up sexually aroused in basic, blames water

An Army soldier who completed basic training at Fort Jackson, SC about ten weeks ago believes the water there has chemicals to reduce male soldiers’ testosterone levels.

Jonathan enlisted in the Army as 42A (human resource specialist) out of high school in Houston, Texas. Joining the Army gave him a lot of new experiences, such as the plane ride to Fort Jackson -something he had never done before.

The most shocking experience he had, in which he talks about in a 30-minute video, was that he said he was surprised he would not wake up sexually aroused during basic training.

“Guys get a…when they wake up -typically guys- all guys do it or whatever. But after we got there everybody had realized we were not getting it anymore,” Jonathan said. “In the morning when we woke up nothing was ‘uuuppp.'”

He said there was a rumor going around that the faucet water they used as drinking water contained some sort of additive to lower their sex drive.

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